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Configure Grunt-protractor-runner to run with a global install of protractor


The reason to install protractor globally is that if you use the inline protractor provided with grunt-protractor-runner you have a 10 second penalty of waiting for the server to spawn a java process and then attach itself to it.

With the server already started and waiting for calls it is a lot faster turnaround for your tests to run.

Install protractor

Install protractor globally

If you have installed protractor globally to do your end to end testing via:

You may have to do this as sudo if you

npm -g install protractor

Download the chromedriver by updating webdriver-manager

webdriver-manager update

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Phantomjs cannot be started and local install

Do not put phantomjs in your package.json of your node project.

When you call npm install it will install the package locally¬†in your project’s node_modules folder.

When you try and run grunt test you will get an error message similar to this.

phantomjs cannot be started.

Fixing local phantomjs install

rm node_modules

npm install

Phantomjs must be installed globally.

npm install -g phantomjs